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Best Internet Service Provider


Comex is well known as the best internet service provider which is now providing the plans that fulfill the need of your family.


With the higher bandwidth availability and rise in demand for Internet Leased Line we are providing the best plan


Comex is now providing special offers to new users as well as existing users with special plans get the best offers from the best internet service provider

May 2, 2018 by Comex Computer Pvt. Ltd.

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Comex is now going to provide the unbelievable speed that is upto 1000Mbps over fiber optics

Best Corporate plans
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Get the Internet bandwidth you need to keep your business running efficiently. Plus, antivirus security helps keep your connection safe and secure.

Fast Internet, up to 1 Gig

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Fiber-optic internet is the fastest internet technology available.Comex is giving its services only through fiber optics and been recognized as best internet service provider in Chapra.

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No traffic jams, No throttling, No limits

Browsing, Social Networking, Shopping, Gaming, Downloading or Streaming Music and Movies all non stop.

Keep your home connected with powerful High-Speed Internet

We bundle wifi with all our plans so that you can access internet from everywhere in your home on multiple devices at the same time

Consistent Speed Delivery

To put it simply, we deliver the speed we commit. We provision enough bandwidth to ensure that you enjoy the promised speed even at peak hours.

Best Customer Service

We understand that internet is your lifeline. That's why we provide strong technical support. Be it online trouble shooting or a physical visit, we'll do whatever it takes to have your internet up and running.


    • The Tariff Plans/ Offers are subject to Guidelines/ Directions/ Orders issued by TRAI and/ or DoT
    • Price shown above is exclusive of all government taxes like CGST and SGST
    • Comex dose not provide the router or the customer premise equipment customer can buy router/accessories recommended byComex or any other equipment of equivalent specification
    • Installation and activation charges are extra and non-refundable
    • Duly filled-in and signed Tariff Selection sheet by the Customer is an integral part of the CRF (Customer Relationship Form).
    • Download/ Upload speed indicated is speed up to our ISP node. Broadband speed available to the Customer is maximum prescribed speed for which the Customer is entitled and Comex(Comex Computer Pvt. Ltd. ) does not hold out any assurance that the said speed shall be maintained at all times and the same may vary depending upon the network congestion, technical reason or any other unavoidable circumstances.
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